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About Us

Rapchat is on a mission to democratize music creation with mobile tools that allow anyone to become a music artist. Rapchat takes the friction out of making music and has helped over 7 million artists unleash their creativity.

Quick Facts
  • Founded: 2015 by Seth Miller
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Employees: 10+ Distributed team
  • Investors: Adjacent, Sony Music Entertainment, London Venture Partners, M25, TechNexus, Base Ventures, 500 Startups
  • Total raised: $4M+ through Seed
Our Thesis ⚡️

Independent creators (of all types) need to do three things: create, distribute, and monetize. We see a rise in the number of creators when new tools remove each of these challenges. But eventually, a platform makes it frictionless to do all three of these in one place and enables anyone to become a creator:

  • Twitch enabled anyone to become a live streamer
  • Substack enabled anyone to become a newsletter writer
  • YouTube enabled anyone to become a video influencer
  • TikTok enabled anyone to become a short-video influencer

The walls have been broken down for most creator categories, but not for music. Of course, there has never been an easier time for independent music artists to build a career. Companies like Splice and United Masters are making it easier to create, distribute, and monetize, but nobody has made it simple to do all three in one place.

Why is that? Because the music creation process itself is still disjointed and complex. Creating music requires an assortment of gear that often carries a high price tag. DAWs and various editing tools have steep learning curves. The creation process itself is usually highly collaborative and requires the involvement of other artists.

We built Rapchat to solve this friction by bringing the entire music creation process into a mobile app. Mobile is not only the best way to reach every potential creator around the world, but allows ideation, recording, and editing to happen anytime and anyplace. Removing this friction leads to high-velocity music creation.

Music creativity doesn't happen in isolation (except sometimes) so we believe that music tools need to be social. Most music creation tools are focused on utility, but we built Rapchat as a community-driven platform from Day 1. Every user has access to millions of creators to get ideas, validation/critique, and collaborate on songs. The Community gives every creator quicker feedback loops to improve their skills.

To date, we have helped over 7 million people become music creators, but we're just getting started. Over the coming months, Rapchat will launch new tools for distribution and monetization. For the first time ever, creators will be able to make music and distribute it to 40+ streaming platforms (like Spotify or Apple Music) through a mobile app. Creators will monetize with royalty splits, paid sessions, and in-app tipping. With the tools to create, distribute, and monetize music in a community-driven app, Rapchat will enable anyone to become a music creator.


  • 7 million registered users
  • 500k active music creators each month
  • 250k songs created monthly
  • Users spend an average of 35 min daily in-app


  • 57% Aspiring Music Creators* - Want to make a career or side hustle out of music and build followers / monetize
  • 26% Hobby Music Creators* - Music is a hobby and they are looking to improve their skills
  • 18% Casual Music Creators* - Just looking to have fun
  • 50% international (160 countries)

*based on recent survey of active users

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"Rapchat" is one word, spelled with capital "R"

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